Corporate Identity

Develop a consistent brand by creating a unique, unified identity.

About Corporate Identity

We can help your firm go from bland to brand. Hand out your business card with confidence, send a letter without hesitation and get clients from making your mark. Read more about our creative process.

  1. Your Design Will Impress Your Clients – Your brand introduces your company to potential clients and customers. Our team of talented designers will develop a visual representation that is eye-catching and gets your audience’s attention.
  2. Your Design Will Be Unique and Stand Out – Your corporate identify should let the world know who you are and what you are about. Standard and boring will never do. Don’t just blend in, stand out from the competition.
  3. We Make it Simple – We offer full-service, comprehensive design packages that include your logo, letterhead/stationary and envelopes. We understand that you are a busy professional so we will take care of everything.

Key Benefits

  • Impressive Designs Influence Clients

    A successful brand is unified and consistent. We have a team of talented designers who can translate your reputation into a compelling visual representation across various platforms.

  • You Will Have a Unique Design for Your Unique Firm

    You are a professional and your corporate identity should be unique. Do not settle for a cookie-cutter business card, letterhead and stationary.

  • We Take Care of Everything, Making Your Life Easier.

    Our corporate branding package includes logo design, business card design, letterhead/stationary and envelope design. All you have to do is give us some initial guidance, and we take care of all the details, including finding a printer.

Features of Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

We create high quality identities. Our creative team works to provide your company with a unique and professional design.

Personal Consultation

Once you sign up, we help you in every step of the process from design to printing. At every step we provide you with guidance and answers.

Business Cards

Show off your company style. Whether it's colorful, stable, friendly or hi-tech, we can create a professional business card. We will provide vector files.

Letterhead & Stationary Layout

Consistency is the hallmark of a corporate identity. We take your logo and brand it on all of your corporate letterhead.


To complete your look, we create vector files for envelopes or mailing labels with your new professional style.


We communicate with you to make sure files are delivered with integrity and you have everything you need. We discuss anything unique about the file set up and we offer vector files in a 300 dpi.

Color Guide

A guideline on what colors to use for the CMYK, Pantone, Black/White, RGB, and Hex.

Brand Guideline

We also have a brand guideline of do's and don'ts available.

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